I’m Holly Roberts from New Zealand. I’ve been gluten free for three years and vegan for one year. I have gained a new found love of eating good food with this diet. It sounds restrictive but it’s really not.

I’m fortunate to live in Auckland where menus display GF and V icons so it’s easy to spot what I can eat! They don’t always have a GF and a V on the same meal but when they do I’ll post it on here for other GFVs to know!

I’m really keen to hear about the food that other GFVs make and discover and would like to grow this site into a global depository of inspiration and information.

I mainly have to thank my mum for suggesting this diet for me. After weight gains, constant bloating, headaches, tiredness, grumpiness and illness I thought I’d give it a shot and I’ve never felt better! We are now on a constant discovery of new meal options and it’s really fun. They are almost always guaranteed to be good too.

Special thanks to Sam for encouraging me to start this site, got to love new projects.

Enjoy and if you have any feedback, let me know!

Holly x