Vegan halloumi! Yes you heard right

My lovely brother Jared bought me a vegan cheese making kit for Christmas. I finally tried it out by making halloumi. I used cheese salt, garlic infused olive oil, tapioca starch, agar agar and a cup of soaked cashews. It says to soak the cashews overnight for 8 hours but you can do it with…

Cashew + peanut butter biscuits

Mum whipped up these gems in just 40 mins! Get your favourite tub of peanut butter and add half a cup to a mixture with gf flour, dairy free butter, cashews, brown sugar, white sugar, vanilla essence, cinnamon. Spread into trays and bake in the oven until they start to harden. Enjoy!

A seaside picnic

One of the best ways to enjoy GFV food is by taking it to a picnic, laying down a rug, laying out some cutlery and plates and digging in as the sun sets. We went north to Puriri Bay in New Zealand to sit by the sea and do just that. Here’s our picnic list:…

Crisps and dip

A gluten free vegan snack that always goes down well after a long day is crisps and dip!